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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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==peggy/vo== colin kaepernick's decision to not stand for the national anthem -- now sparking a heated debate. what he was protesting -- and collin kaepernick's decision to not stand for the national anthem now sparking a heated debate. what he was protesting and how it's affecting the team, tonight. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. that protest happened last night. it is sparking national
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conversation. nbc bay area's marianne is joining us non. kaepernick saying his public stand on this is more important to him than football. >> yes, he did say that. even more important than sponsorship. colin kaepernick says he can't show pride for a country that oppresses minorities. and he also says he has no intention of backing down. >> one bay area fan posted this ewetube video. colin kaepernick himself is on fire for remaining seated during the national anthem at last night's preseason game during the green bay packers. >> i don't know. i just find it anything. >> michelle rasmussen and her husband were interesting. i don't like it. gro agree with that. i don't care what your excuse. you're an american. stand up. be proud of it. be proud of the people who died for this country and fought for
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it. >> bay area football fans are divided. >> i don't agree with the way how he's doing it, but i do applaud him for not just sitting still. >> kaepernick told nfl reporters he was not going to stand up and show pride for a flag and a country that oppresses black people. and he said he wasn't backing down from his stance. >> he's 100% behind his cause to the point where he even said they can take football away, they can take my endorsements away, but i'm going to stand up for what i believe is right. >> kaepernick said he did not inform the team about his decision to protest the national anthem. chip kelly had this response. >> we recognize the right of any individual to participate or not participate in the national angt el. the league encourages them, but it's not required. it's his right as a citizen. >> this is not the first time kaepernick remained seated for the national anthem. he did the same thing last saturday during a preseason game against the broncos in denver.
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>> kaepernick has recently become more political, posting comments about police shootings of minorities on his personal twitter account. the niners next preseason game will be thursday. you can bet a lot of people will be watching to see whether kaepernick remains seated during the national anthem. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> yes, they will. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of this story, both on the air and online. we'll continue to track the 49ers reaction through the week as players continue preparing for the nfl season. now you can go to nbc bay for the latest updates there. we are following a developing story in san jose tonight. take a look at this after a three alarm fire ripped through a public storage yard. this is where the fire is burning. right near the intersection of 680 and 101. several storage units have been damaged. there was another large fire at this same storage yard back in
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august of 201. we are watching new developments right now as the fire is still under way and we will bring those details to you as it becomes available. new at 11:00, a chaotic situation at a b.a.r.t. station earlier tonight ended in one person's arrest. just after 7:00 this evening, some type of altercation happened on the b.a.r.t. station platform. at least two riders were injured after a man slashed at them with a sharp object. not knowing if that was a knife. one witness says he saw part of the attack and then the attacker allegedly stole his bike. >> i was far away from where i was. somebody -- in the b.a.r.t. and by the time that i moved backwards, there were two fights and there was someone bleeding. >> the suspect fled the scene, but only made it a few blocks away before officers caught up with him and made that arrest.
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no word on the extent of the injuries to the victim. and serious concerns in the east bay after tonight a deadly shooting in a.popular downtown area if filled with shops and restaurants. tonight, wall in the nut police are trying to hunt down a killer. christy is live with police on exactly what happened. this is a well populated area. >> yeah, that's right. there are quite a few people in downtown walnut creek tonight. many told us that they were saddened and surprised by this. i spoke with one man off cam what who says he was in the area and he heard no arguing before the shooting started. >> bars and restaurants are busy one night after a man was shot in downtown walnut creek, the city's first fatal shooting of the year. >> it's shocking, i think. walnut creek isn't something like where something like this usually happens. >> 38-year-old corey brown left the bar and grill. he was gone about 0 minutes when
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shots rang out outside by locate i couldn't tell and cybress streets. >> our officers immediately responded to the area and located courtney brown suffering from three gunshot wounds to his back. >> one witness says there appeared to be no confrontation outside, only gunfire. >> all the information thus far indicates this was not a random event. >> neighbors say there was some trouble downtown four years ago, but changes made a big difference. police say due to youth permits, most bars close by 1:30. >> i know there's a lot more police presence out of nightclubs. >> but it surprises you. >> yes. it's usually just college kids. >> police say 30 people were outside at the time of the shooting. a man was seen running towards california boulevard. police searched but didn't locate him. they say brown leaves behind a fiancee and a daughter. >> it's really bad. it's devastating to hear something like that happen here. >> now, we have seen quite a few
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police officers out and about tonight, which neighbors say is quite common here. walnut creek police say that they are still after the public's help in solving this and checking into surveillance tapes. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, nbc bay area news. also tonight in san jose, investigators trying to piece together the details of the city's 35th homicide this year. just after midnight, police responded to a disturbance call right near del mar high school. when they got there, they found a man had been stabbed to death. so far, no word on any arrests in that case. and in dire need of assistance, that's what san jose police department is telling its officers in a memo this sent out this morning. day shift was in dire need of assistance. they are 11 officers short and four sergeants short. if the you can help out and come in early for your swing shift or if the you are off and willing to help out for a few hours,
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please he. the situation is that dire at the police station. the mare supports that move, but says it's only a band-aid. >> multiple overtime shifts are the worst thing we can have if we're trying to ensure that officers are responding well, are responding with the best information, with the clearest thinking. it puts them in an unsafe situation and the community in an unsafe situation. >> they're calling on voters to pass measure f to ease the short aemg. but critics say this is a stunt designed to scare the public into pass ago bad plan. republican presidential candidate donald trump coming back to the bay area. now he's expected to hold a fun razor in napa or somewhere on the peninsula.. the exact location right now, a secret. hillary clinton was also in the bay area this week raising money
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for her democratic presidential campaign. and on the campaign trail, a new tweet from donald trump is drawing sharp criticism. this one regarding the deadly shooting of nba star dwyane wade's cousin. when two men were shooting at each other, she was caught in the crossfire and killed. trump tweeted, just what i have been saying, african-americans will vote trump. trump continues to target hillary clinton's record with minorities in the battleground states of iowa. how quickly people have forgotten that hillary clinton calls black youth super predators. >> now, clinton was at home stopping by an fbi office near her home for classified intelligence briefings which is standard practice for both presidential nominees. and an east lake community
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came together to, javi was paralyzed from the waist down after jumping into a friend's swimming poll. the even was held at the black hawk museum and organizers say everyone involve was positive, including jay. >> i was probably the most positive human being i've encountered. the fact that he hs a smile on his face when people are around, but has his head down and is working diligently to recover. >> now, jake is going to need a lot of long-term care and all funds that were raised tonight will go to that cause. coming up next at 11:00, a piece of engine falls you have a plane in mid flight. >> it was that huge, loud noise. >> coming up, what happened and how the pilot managed to get everyone on the ground safely. and one bay area family says the happyist place on earth
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became the scratchiest place on earth. it was so bad they're suing. we'll tell you why. and after a cloudy start to the day, the clouds parted and there is the sun in san francisco. expect more clouds pore tomorrow and temperatures very similar. plus, the chance of rain. we'll talk about that in the extended forecast, coming up. a "southwest airlines" jet with
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104 people onboard took off from new orleans, headed for it started identity just like any our flight. a southwest airlines jet with 104 people on board took off
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from new orleans headed towards orlando. then suddenly, the sound of an explosion and an emergency landing. it's what passengers saw when they landed that had them rattled. >> a terrifying moment in the sky. >> we were kind of zoned out and all of a sudden it was that huge loud noise. >> what sounded like an explosion on a southwest flight from new orleans to orlando. the flight took off shortly after 9:00 a.m. a few minutes later, the pilot diverted the plane and made an emergency landing in pensacola. >> this is a boeing 737 in an emergency status. >> after all was said and done and hearing how it could have been way worse. >> the boeing 737 lanned safely, carrying 99 pass ekers and five crew members. in a statement, southwest said it was a, quote, mechanic equal issue with the number one engine. photos taken aboard show the engine completely ripped away. southwest tells nbc news it
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bought in plane in 2000. >> we've grateful that we are still safe and watched over and we had a good pilot. >> the national transportation safety board now investigating this engine failure. southwest believes this was an isolated incident. the airline also refunding customers the cost of the flight and providing a $500 voucher for future travel for a trip they won't soon forget. jolene kent, nbc news. a family has a big complain with their trip to the happiest place on earth. they are suing the disney grand california hotel one of the nicest, most expensive hotels in disney because of an alleged bed bug infestation. the family of five had itchy, painful bed bug bites and that their youngest daughter has permanent scarring. the hotel allegedly dismissed their remarks as mosquito bites. the cheapest rooms at the disney grand california, by the way,
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are about $400. tonight, thousands of people from the bay area are headed to the nevada desert. burning man starts tomorrow and this year the annual festival is turning 30. around 70,000 people are expected at black rock city this year. the gathering is for the giant wooden sculpture that they set on fire the final night, the burning man. this year, the week-long celebration run is three november 5th. the pride parade tomorrow in silicone valley starts at 10:00 in the morning. the route starts at st. john's, down market street and ended up on park avenue. there are other events, including a electronic dance music party tonight. so a lot of things going on. summer not yet over. lots of festivals and, of course, burning man. are you headed there? >> no. i'd like to check it out, though. i hear it's a lot of fun. >> it's very adventurous. how are we looking in the weather? >> if you like today, chances
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are all like what you see tomorrow. afternoon sunshine and temperatures below average once again. now, i do want to start you off with what we'll be looking at as you get towards the next seven days. yes, it will be dry. not expecting any showers, but we do have some big changes heading our with way as we get towards the day after labor day. so there's a piece for you. i want to back up and show you what we're looking at. in the meantime, we are about less than a month away from the start of fall. yes, we are, again, less than a month away from that now. our inland highs still hang out at about 80 degrees. our average costal highs are still at about 74. so see mild conditions even as we get into september. but the thing to note here is the average rainfall we start to see is anywhere from .1 of an inch to .25 of an inch. the day after labor day, we'll show that coming up in a bit.
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clouds continue to increase, expect a cloudy start tomorrow morning ask that will lead to a similar day. in san francisco, 83 is where we're head in the tri valley. and 81 for the south bay. those clouds will continue to roll in tonight. here somewhat we're looking at tomorrow morning around 8:00. all over towards the east bay, and towards sacramento, as well. the clouds still back to the coastline once again for tomorrow afternoon. even san francisco, you'll see more sunshine than you saw today. a little warmer down there. the clouds roll back in for monday. drizzle for your early monday morning computers. 75 degrees for san jose. 64 for half moon bay. towards the financial district, you'll be up to 66 degrees. napa, 74. still managing some 80s for the tri valley for pleasanton
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towards danville. we have a weak storm system that's going to move through the bay area on wednesday. they offer some drizzle. that is all we're talking about for tuesday. then, as we go towards the rest of the week, things are going to stay dry. we're not going to see much change until the day after labor day. this is tuesday. you'll notice the showers start to pull into the bay area. and, again, tuesday, the day after labor day, we could be talking about some widespread rain. this is the most impressive run that i've seen pay on to the model. we'll continue this. if it does come through, that would be great news. we'll watch it for you, here is that seven-day forecast. temperatures cool off in the next seven days, but the rain could be on its way by day ten. we'll watch it. >> i hope summer hangs on, at least get us through labor day. >> and then rightfully on tuesday, showers. >> right.. thank you so much. >> let's get you updated now on
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that breaking news we brought you at the news cast. the fire is ripping through a public storage in those units right now. we've just learned the fire has grown from three alarms to four. we're hearing this is a full four alarm fire. we will continue to follow this story and get you more information as soon as we get it. >> hello, henry wolford here. final tune-up before the regular season, derrick karr finally gives fans something to yell about. plus, the giants fight for the postseason. he's something big time. find out where they sit in the standing, next.
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welcome back. colin kaepernick dominated headlines today, but the next story has to be the western showdown. the dodgers beat the cubs 3-2.
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so the giants needed a victory or risk dropping two games behind l.a. in the nl west. braves and ingredients, albert suarez gets the start for san francisco. top of the fourth, the two men on for matt kemp. he's been hot as of late. three-run homer to dead center. giants lose, 3-1, falling two games back of l.a. in the nl west. >> you know, the pitch i'm sure he would like to have back is the one to kemp. and it was the difference in the game. our pen did a great job to told r hold them there, give us a chance. just couldn't get a hit with runners in scoring position. off a tough pitcher, had very good stuff tonight. >> three season football, titans second quarter, oakland down six. gary cox, amari cooper. my goodness, they're already on the same page.
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29-yard touchdown pass. but it wasn't good enough. the raiders fall, 27-14 been just one more game before they start the regular season. more news after the break.
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hertiage. ==vo== the "annual italian family festa" started this morning.... well, an all-day festival, the italian family festa starts tomorrow. the this free event has lots of authentic food. festa is sponsored by the italian american heartage foundation. perfect weather out there today. if you want to go again tomorrow also. >> morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. maybe a little bit of drizzle.
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>> a little bit of rain. we're talking about it again. thank you so much for joining us tonight. for nbc bay area news, saturday night live is coming up next.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to the election center. i'm jake tapper. and on cnn, i pass for a bona fide hunk. [ laughter ] it's been a crazy week in politics, so as tonight's election results continue to roll in, let's take a look back at the past seven days.


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